Introduction to Unfoetalling the Human Form

This is a 25 minute introduction talk to the framework of Unfoetalling the Human Form, filmed at a Masterclass of the same name held at the Jungle Brothers facility in February 2018.


The first repatterning stretching course will be released soon and will be on the topic of 'Unfoetalling the Human Form', but this talk will also be a good blueprint for people who want to apply the concept to their own practices.

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Dave Wardman

Dave is a Reenchanter and the creator of the Physical Alchemy method.  The true prima materia of this method came through deep learning and relationships undertaken with his 4 Teachers.  These include: an apprenticeship with Stretch Therapy creator Kit Laughlin; an initial transmutation in the martial arts; studying in the Da Xuan Daoist tradition and, most profoundly, by being a student of [L] -  his spiritual Teacher [Korean Zen, Shamanism, Advaita, Enneagram].

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