In this program we will look at the basic exercises for building balance. Of all of the various movement practices, I feel that balance has something that is quite fundamentally important, and should definitely be a (semi) regular part of any physical cultivation practice. It can be extremely demanding or very relaxing depending on which exercises you use.

This program is easily scalable simply by using the same exercises on a wider and lower balancing surface.  My usual approach for total beginners is to get them doing the walking, standing and squatting drills on a low large log, and get them doing the entry and exit on a rail of the size shown in the clip.  This way they get a good dose of all the practices without being limited to doing only the entry practice.

What is not shown in the program (although it is mentioned in the audio) is the free play aspect that I get everyone to do as soon as possible.  This means just spending time playing with balance however you can, with no particular skills or drills.  Just spending time on balance is an auspicous and worthwhile use of your time!

For advanced students, the step after this program (once you can easily and freely do all the drills shown) is to take the practice higher and to different surfaces.  Particular trees and playgrounds both offer plenty of high balancing areas.  Of course, proceed at your own risk, a fall from height can be devastating for someone not well trained in breakfall.

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Craig Mallett

Craig is a principal member of Physical Alchemy. He was subject to many of Dave’s early experiments, which broke him out of stasis and propelled him into becoming a dedicated student of the Da Xuan Daoist tradition. He teaches within Physical Alchemy and is also the instructor of the Da Xuan School in Sydney. Prior to this, he studied the traditional Chinese martial arts of Xin Yi Liu He Quan and Cha Quan under Dapeng Wang for a decade as well as many other modalities of movement, strength, flexibility and general physical development. 

Many of the courses found on this page bear the Aware Relaxed Connected logo and website.  This was Craig's former website, which was merged with Physical Alchemy when Craig and Dave joined forces. ARC no longer exists but all the important aspects can now be found here on the Physical Alchemy website and tutorial page.

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