Physical Alchemy Video Tutorials

Repatterning Stretching

This syllabus utilises partner stretching as a method of self-enquiry. The primary intention is the refining of sensory impressions. Secondarily the emphasis is on increasing of suppleness and flexibility of the physical body and working to transmute the physical base metal of the body, so that more potent methods can be trained safely and effectively. We use stretching to shine a light into the dark, unmapped corners of our inner landscape. As our physical barriers dissolve we can repattern our fear of unknown - our allergy to mystery.

Daoist Physical Cultivation

The Daoist Physical Cultivation syllabus uses stances, drills and cosmology from a Daoist and Chinese martial arts background to repattern the physical body and awaken the ‘sleeping giant’ of the central channel. Jibengong [Foundational Exercises] are exercises that are trained in a sustained and systematic way to inculcate the qualities required to practice skillfully and transform the sinews (connective tissue and muscular structures). As the structure is established, the protective tension will fall away and the possibility to approach the central axis opens. The approach melts tension from the system an extraordinarily agile and robust physical form is born and with this the available energy and feelings of vitality increases dramatically.

Body Awakening

Body Awakening is a method of exploring the body and bringing to life various muscles and tissues that fall asleep due to disuse. In their hybernation they exist in a permanent partial contraction, constantly using energy and distorting the whole physical structure. By teaching them to contract, we may also learn how to relax them. The more regularly they change between the contracted and relaxed state, the more clearly into our awareness they appear.